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Preimer Preservation
Call us at 770.382.5924 or email us
We typically like to have 2 weeks before the time of the event to order tuxedos but
this varies based on time, circumstances, and avaliabity.

Tuxedo Questions and Answers

1. What are the actual components of a tuxedo?

a. Coat

b. Pants

c. Vest or Cumberland (or cummerbund)

d. Tie (long or bow tie)

e. Shirt

f. Jewelry (studs and cuff links

g. Patent leather shoes (optional and generally rented separately)


2. What style of lapel is most popular?

There are three major lapel styles; notch, shawl, and peak.

The notch lapel is by far the most popular. Shawl is popular to the white dinner jacket. 

3. Do I need to wear a belt or are the trousers "adjustable?

Belts are never worn with a tuxedo, you will find that most tuxedos trousers are manufactured with an adjustable waist. The adjustable waist trouser allows you to loosen or tighten the waist 1-3 inches. Some trousers are manufactured with inside buttons for suspenders, rather than an adjustable waist.

4. Are tuxedo trousers hemmed or cuffed?

The tuxedo trousers that you will receive from Riley’s Menswear will be hemmed to fit your measurements. Tuxedo trousers are never tailored with a cuff, they always have a straight hem.

5. What does "Black Tie" mean when indicated on an invitation?

"Black Tie" on an invitation is an indication that it will be a formal event (tuxedo required for all men).

6. How quickly before the event should a reservation for a tux be made?

The best answer is, as soon as possible...however, this may not always be possible. Wedding parties should make their reservations starting 30 days or so before the event so that all participants may have time to come get measure. However, if for one reason or another you need a tux TODAY...come on in, we maintain a certain number of tuxedos on site for last minute needs! Styles may be limited in this case.

7. Do I have to pay for the entire tux when I make the reservation?

No. A deposit is generally required with the remainder due upon pick-up. The deposit is then deducted from the total payment.  OUR DEPOSIT IS ALWAYS HALF!!! 

8. How soon should I plan to get measured for my tux rental?

You should plan to stop by and be measured from one to two weeks prior to the event. In reality, most brides will sleep easier if they get everyone measured, As Soon As Possible!

9. What if I live out of town, how do I get my measurements?

If you are unable to stop by Riley’s to be measured, we do recommend going to a good tuxedo or men's retail shop in your area and asking them (this is generally complimentary with no charge) to take your measurements. Then call in your measurements to us!

10. Just which measurements do you need?

Shoe size, shirt size (neck and sleeve length), waist and outseam, and coat size (by chest and overarm measurements).  NOTE: Just as a guide, there is usually a 6" difference between the average chest of a man and waist (i.e. a 42 chest or jacket will usually have a 36 waist).

11. How do I know if I am a Short, Regular, Long, or Extra Long?

If your height is:

5’4” to 5’7” = Short

5’7 ½” to 5’11” = Regular

5’11 ½” to 6’2 ½” = Long

6’3” + Up = Extra Long

Please note that this table is only a guide. Always wear what you are most comfortable in.

12. When should I plan to pick-up my tux rental?

Tux rentals are generally picked up on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to your event. Call ahead if you are unsure when you should come by.

13. What is the 'final fitting?'

This is the last opportunity for the tux shop to make changes to your tuxedo. You will be asked to try everything on when you pick up your tux. In most cases, changes can be made on the spot!

14. How quickly must I return the tux rental?

Generally a tux should be returned within one to two business days following the event. Prom tuxedos are an exception and many times are to be returned on Sunday between 1-3.  THIS VARIES FOR US… WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WITH EACH PROM before you leave with the tuxedo.

15. Is there a late charge if I don't return the tux rental on time?

Generally yes...around $25 a day. If you need the tux for a longer period of time, be sure to work this out when reserving the tux.

16. What if I damage part of my tux rental?

There is a $4.00 damage waiver built into all tuxedo rentals and typically will cover any MINOR damages to a tuxedo.  That being said, any other MAJOR damaged components of a tux must be paid for by the person renting the tux, upon its return. 

17. Are there different styles of Tux Shoes?

Yes. There are two predominate types of Tux Shoes. There is a 'pointed' or round toe shoe and a 'square' toe shoe. The square toe shoe is by far the more popular.

18. Are all tux shoes black?

No, it is possible to rent ivory, white, black & white, gray, and some other color shoes. 

19. Is black the only color allowed for the vest and tie?

No. Many men choose to wear a different color vest and tie. Some will select a color to match their dates/brides dress and others will choose a color and style to match their 'mood' and/or personality! 


20. Are the vests adjustable?

Yes. While vests do come in sizes, most have an adjustable strap on the back or one built into the body of the vest 

21. What's the 'deal' with wearing a bow tie or a long tie?

Personal preference mostly. The more traditional tux includes the bow tie. If you are going to wear a bow tie, then a cummerbund is traditional. Long tie's are most often worn with a vest and have become more popular especially with prom goers.

22. Is there more than one shirt to choose from?

Yes. There are three, the winged tip collar (worn with a bow tie), the lay down collar (bow tie or long tie), and the mandarin (no tie necessary). A classic tux shirt always has pleats in the front and yes, there are different styles and sizes of pleats!  More common is the microfiber tux shirt, the first with NO pleats and made of a cooler material.

23. Does the shop sell pocket squares and how do you fold them?

Yes Riley's Menswear sells pocket squares not only through Jim's Formal Wear to match your vest and tie but we also have a number of other pocket square options as well! As for folding them, we will do a quick tutorial as you try on your tuxedo, and we will supply you a sheet full of the different folding options and other information.

24. How long it takes for the tux as well as everything else to come in? I wanted to match my dates tie and vest to my dress, but my dress doesn't come in until April 4. My prom is April 16. Will there be enough time for everything to come in if we order on April 5th? Thanks for your time.

Answer: You should be aware that the weekend of April 19 will be the busiest of the year and many tux styles and colors will be in short be sure to come in on April 5th and bring your dates dress with you to help match the colors. The tux will be ready the week of the event ...and we'll call you when we receive it. If you'd like, take a look at the selection of tuxedos on the Jim's website... ...make your choice, print it out and bring it with you when you come in to reserve the tux on April 5th.