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Riley's was established in 2007 with the idea and need of a preimer men's clothing store in the town of Cartersville, Georgia. Our doors opened on May 27th, 2007 and have been a wonderful five years full of change and growth.  In March of 2010 we moved, just two doors down, to expand our space by double and have loved every minute of it.  With a larger location we have been able to vamp up our vendors and merchandise and grown our tuxedo and formal wear business as well. 
We are proud of the lines we are able to offer to our customers as well as the wonderful services that go along with it - FREE Gift Wrapping and Alterations
We LOVE our customers, think of them as friends, and thank each of your for being a part of our AMAZING journey. 


Customer testimonials
 MARC EDIE: "Riley's has become my favorite store and I go to college in Atlanta, everyone asks where I get my clothes and I tell them "up in Cartersville, at Riley's" I am contacting yall to say that yall should consider making Riley's polo's! If i had one I would wear it to golf, to church, to fish, to class and when I drink. Great store."
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